Architecture photography

Architecture photography

Interiors and architecture are some of the technically most difficult genres of photography.

Photography of architecture is a specific genre of photography; its task is to attractively capture the beauty of buildings and constructions. The main clients of architectural photography are construction companies, real estate agencies, and advertising companies.

When photographing buildings, its aim is to document authenticity of reality with maximum precision, to capture exact proportions, to capture link to surrounding terrain and neighboring buildings.

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Finding a suitable shot while photographing architecture is as important as the photographic process itself. The choice of place defines the photographer’s success or failure. Equally important is the desire to experiment, the readiness to spend a few hours waiting to catch the best light.

Photography of buildings assumes not only a look at the facades and buildings in general – but the photographer must also see and capture the elements that will be useful in compiling catalogs and brochures, preparing websites and exhibition stands.

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